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Viking Electronics E-1600-20A ADA Compliant Phones w/ Built-in Info & Digital Announcers

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The E-1600A-20A ADA Compliant Emergency Phones are designed to provide quick and reliable handsfree communication over the public switched telephone network.
The E-1600A-20A meets ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements for elevator telephones, and can be programmed from any Touch Tone phone.

The E-1600-20A is available as on option with EWP (Enhanced Weather Protection) .

The phones can dial up to 5 programmable emergency numbers as well as 2 central station number. In addition the E-1600-20A features an "Info" button that will allow users to dial up to 2 non-emergency numbers.

Upon being answered, the phones can be programmed to automatically deliver a digital announcement to identify the location of the emergency call and then initiate the call connected LED light. An alternative DTMF Touchtone code may also be delivered.

All programming parameters including phone numbers and location numbers are stored in non-volatile E2 memory. With the exception of the E-1600-BLT tower phone, all units are phone line powered, requiring no batteries or external power sources for operation.

Lastly, the E-1600A-20A can also be used with specific Central Station Monitoring equipment.

  • Elevators
  • Parking ramps
  • ATM machines
  • Area of refuge locations
  • Lobbies
  • Entryways
  • Campus emergency stations
  • Roadside emergency stations
  • Stadiums
  • Convention centers
  • Non-volatile digital voice announcer with 10 seconds of voice memory
  • Advanced call progress detection
  • Can automatically light the "Call Connected" LED for the hearing impaired
  • Handsfree operation
  • Phone line powered
  • Non-volatile E2 memory (no batteries required)
  • Touch Tone or pulse dialing
  • Dials up to 5 emergency numbers on busy or no answer
  • Dials up to 2 non-emergency numbers on busy or no answer
  • Transmits a unique location I.D. code
  • Grade 2 Braille label for the visually impaired
  • Hangs up on CPC, silence, busy signal, dial tone, time out or Touch Tone command
  • Programmable to auto-answer on incoming calls
  • Remotely programmable
  • Extended temperature range (-15F to 130F)
  • Optional EWP (Enhanced Weather Protection)
  • 5 different chassis or board only available
  • Central Station Monitoring capability
  • Separate central station voice speed dial number
  • Optional PB-100 Polling System available
  • Power: Telephone line powered (24 V DC/20 mA minimum).
  • Dimensions: E-1600(45) -133 mm x 102 mm x 51 mm (5.25" x 4" x 2"), E-1600-02 - 330 mm x 267 mm x 51 mm (13" x 10.5" x 2"), E-1600-03 - 133 mm x 102 mm x 51 mm (5.25" x 4" x 2"), K-1600-EHF - 251 mm x 174 mm x 53 mm (9.875" x 6.86" x 2.1")
  • Connections: RJ-11 modular jack.
  • Mounting: E-1600(45) - surface mount, E-1600-02 - flush mount, E-1600-03 - surface mount, K-1600-EHF - recess mount in standard elevator phone box.
  • Environmental: -26C to 54 C (-15F to 130 F) with 5% to 95% non-condensing humidity.
  • Material: E-1600(45) - 16 gauge steel - red(yellow), E-1600-02 - 11 gauge stainless steel, E-1600-03 - 14 gauge stainless steel, K-1600-EHF - 16 gauge aluminum - red.
Want Phones Price: $294.40
Regular Price: $560.00
You are saving:$265.60
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