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HD Telecom HD-7 Small Rugged, Affordable, Professional Testsets

Want Phones Price: $99.97
Regular Price: $119.95
You are saving:$19.98
With the Series 7, a new concept in testsets has arrived: a palm-sized testset with all of the features of a full-sized high-end unit!

We've taken the full set of advanced features of the HD-610 testset, added "hands-free" headset operation and put them all into the new palm-sized model HD-7 available at a very, very competitive price.

The HD-7 will fit in your shirt pocket or attach to your belt.

For technicians, the advantage is obvious : handy and practical, the Series 7 provides the same efficiency as the "big ones" while being far less bulky.

All features can easily be operated with just one hand and an ingenious mini-sized retractable headset enables "Hands-Free" operation. The HD-7 retractable headset is included at no extra charge.

The HD-7 has our SIGNALSHIELD™ feature for the protection of digital/data circuits so you can test POTS service on DSL circuits without harming the data or being "locked out".

The HD-7 is equipped with these standard features:
  • DSL filters are built-in for safe DSL line connections
  • High Impedance "Safe For Data" Monitor > 120K Ohms
  • Hands-Free operation with included headset-beltclip
  • Amplified Speaker in Monitor and Talk Modes - battery operated
  • Two types of memory speed dialing:
    • 3 "One Touch" Direct Dialing Locations - 21 digits
    • 10 "Two Touch" Repertory Memory Dialing Locations - 21 digits
  • Excellent Overvoltage/Overcurrent Protection
  • Built-in ringer to indicate incoming calls
  • Last Number Redial - 32 digits - T/P
  • DTMF (tone) and Rotary (pulse) Dialing
  • LEDs for polarity indication
  • Battery Power Indicator
  • Automatic Timed Speaker turn-off - 5 minutes
  • Easy Battery Change
  • Microphone Mute for noisy locations
  • Hook Flash - PBX pause
  • IEC 61010 style reinforced cordset with insulated clips
  • Ergonomic shape allows one-hand operation
  • Weather resistant
  • 12 month warranty period on testset
  • Made in France
Want Phones Price: $99.97
Regular Price: $119.95
You are saving:$19.98
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